Here we are, the first episode of Show Your SFF PC is finally here. I would like to thank everyone who submitted their PC. There were way more submissions than I anticipated which is awesome. If you didn’t make the first episode don’t worry, there will definitely be more.

If you would like to submit your PC to be featured in future episodes follow the link here to see the submission rules and send in your pics.

Below you will find the video and text/picture version of episode 1. Each build has it’s own page with the builders project summary, parts list, and additional images. Use the buttons below the images to navigate between builds.

Francois’s Modified Nintendo

modded nintendo pc finished

Modded NES Build

JC’s Modified Silverstone Milo

red mod silverstone milo leds

JC’s Gaming Build

Damon’s Compact Hackintosh

wesena mini itx hackintosh

Wesena Hackintosh Build

Paras’s Aluminum S4 Mini

silver aluminium s4 mini custon cables

Aluminum S4 Mini Build

Jonas’s Silverstone SG13

modified silverstone sugo sg13

Modded Silverstone Sugo Build


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