le pave parisen wireless concrete speaker

CES 2019: Le Pavé Parisien Wireless Concrete Speaker

There are simply too many Bluetooth speakers on the market today. However the Le Pave Parisen Speaker has a unique design and trick up...
svs prime soundbase wireless

CES 2019: SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase

SVS has been pumping out high quality sub-woofers for a long time. In recent years they started offering high quality speakers as well. Their...
best headphone dac amp under $100

Best Headphone DAC/AMP Under $100

Computer audio can be downright terrible. Laptop audio specifically seems lag behind where it should be, depending on the model you have. Luckily you...
master & dynamic mw50+ review

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Headphones Review

Master & Dynamic MW50+From $399 Buy HereThere are almost too many options when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. Most offerings are relatively affordable ($50-$200) and...
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Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones Review

There are hundreds of options if you are in the market for a new pair of wireless Bluetooth on ear headphones. The market is...
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Ausdom M08 Bluetooth Headphones Review

It seems like there are a million Bluetooth headphones on the market these days. Ausdom is trying to stand out in this market by...
banana plugs

What Are Banana Plugs and How Do You Use Them?

Banana plugs seem to confuse a lot of people.  Once you know what they are, and how they work, they are fairly simple devices. ...
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Altec LifeJacket 2: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

The market is saturated with Bluetooth speakers.  This one sets itself apart by being water and shock proof.  While it is not perfect it...
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Samson Meteor Mic Review

I have been searching for a quality yet affordable USB condenser mic to use for my voice over for a while now.  I decided...
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Schiit Modi USB DAC Review

PC audio quality is often an overlooked part of the the PC enthusiast experience.  That is partly because coaxing good sound out of your...