There are simply too many Bluetooth speakers on the market today. However the Le Pave Parisen Speaker has a unique design and trick up its sleeve. The speaker housing is made entirely of concrete. After a successful Indiegogo campaign they will now be available for purchase. I spent some time playing with the speaker at CES 2019, and my initial impressions were positive.

le pave parisen concrete speaker facesThe speaker can be purchased with a variety of front covers and in multiple colors. There are quite a few options for front grills as well. In person they were one of the most attractive Bluetooth speakers I have ever seen. If you are going for a modern look I doubt you could do any better than these.

In addition to great looks, the speaker was designed so that the internal components could be removed and replaced when in the future, with the concrete shell staying intact.

le pave parisen speaker rear-panelIt has USB-C charging, and a 24 hours of battery life. Yes 24 hours! If you want you can purchase two and pair them for stereo sound. In addition to bluetooth there are jacks for 3.5mm in and out.

The only issue I found with this speaker was the price. At $349EU you will have to really love the design to pick one or two up. Then again it is a premium product, with premium materials.


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