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corsair 2400 vs 3000 ryzen ram test

Ryzen RAM Performance Test: 2400MHz vs. 3000MHz

The Ryzen platform is still very young. We are seeing improvements on a regular basis. As board partners and AMD iron out any existing...
noctua nh-l9i am4 kit

Noctua NH-L9i/9a AM4 Upgrade Kit & Ryzen 7 Temps

Noctua has been making some of the best OC fans, and CPU coolers for years now. Their NH-L9i and NH-L9a are generally thought of as...
adobe ram render test

Adobe RAM Render Test – 8GB vs 16GB vs 32GB

No matter how powerful your computer is, rendering video files can take quite a while. Choosing the right amount of RAM can go a...

Setup Tour: Computer Desk & Home Theater

If you watch the channel or read reviews on the site regularly, you have undoubtedly seen pieces of my setup in the background. Readers...
windows 10 xbox game stream

Windows 10 Xbox One Game Stream

Windows 10's launch brings with it a bevy of new features.  One of the most exciting features is the ability to stream Xbox One...
change windows desktop icons

How To Change Your Desktop and Taskbar Icons

Here is a quick guide to changing your desktop and taskbar icons.  You can change them to another image or make them completely invisible. ...
make budget speaker stands

How to Make Budget DIY Speaker Stands

Why You Need Speaker Stands PC audio is a very important part of the experience even though for many it is often an afterthought. If...