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i7-8700 mini-itx build desk setup

Phanteks Evolv Shift i7-8700 Mini-itx Build

Over the last year I have jumped back and fourth between Intel and AMD based systems. With the release of the new Coffee Lake...
mini-itx ryzen build components

Ryzen 7 S4 Mini Build Upgrades & Benchmarks

The launch of the Ryzen platform has been interesting so far. AMD hasn't exactly taken the crown from Intel, but they have given consumers...
mini-itx ryzen 7 build leds

Ryzen 7 AM4 Mini-ITX PC Build

AMD's Ryzen platform matures more every month. With affordable pricing, Ryzen is perfect for mini-itx PC builds. However until recently there weren't any mini-itx...
s4 mini itx pc upgrades

Powerful Small Form Factor Mini-ITX PC Build

A few months ago I built a do all compact PC in an NFC Systems S4 Mini. That system worked well, but left me...
compact and powerful mini-itx build

Compact i7-6700 Mini-ITX PC Build & Benchmarks

Deciding to build a computer is a personal choice. You could just buy a pre-built unit after all.  So I am of the mindset...
fanless skylake pc

Passively Cooled i7-6700 Skylake System

There are tons of Skylake systems available these days, but not many that feature passive cooling and a small form factor. Lini PC offers...
water cooling mini itx pc

Water Cooling a SFF Mini-ITX PC – Part 1

It is time to start the process of water cooling my small form factor mini-itx PC.  The lack of space obviously presents some unique...
small form factor mini itx build

Super Compact Mini-ITX Build – Core i7-4790S

I have always had an infatuation with small form factor PC's. I feel like there is no reason a PC has to be a...