Currently, building a PC is significantly more expensive than it should be. GPU and RAM pricing are out of control. The AMD Combat Crate is designed to reduce the cost of entry for users looking to build a custom gaming rig without having to sell one of their kidneys. I got my hands on one of the crates, check out my impressions and full sub $900 gaming build below.

AMD Combat Crate Specs & Pricing

amd combat crate packagingThere are two versions of the AMD Combat Crate currently available. One featuring the Ryzen 5 1600, the other a Ryzen 7 1700. Each system saves you a healthy amount compared to what you would pay for the individual parts.

Ryzen 5 CrateRyzen 7 Crate
CPURyzen 5 1600Ryzen 7 1700
MotherboardMSI B350 TomahawkMSI B350 Tomahawk
GPUMSI RX 580 ArmorMSI RX 580 Armor

$900 Gaming Build Components

gaming build componentsAfter unpacking the crate, I headed over to Microcenter with the goal of building a complete system built around the Combat Crate that costs less than $900. I was able to do so with surprising success. I went with the Ryzen 5 based AMD Combat Crate, as that configuration represents the best value of the two. I then paired it with the following components.

Combat CrateRyzen 5 1600
RAM8GB Crucial Ballistic DDR4 2400MHz
HDDIntel 545s 256GB M.2 SSD
Western Digital 1TB HDD
PSUCorsair 650W ATX PSU
CaseNZXT S340

Build Process

Once unboxed, this was one of the easiest systems I have ever put together. I typically work with compact case, so working with the spacious NZXT S340s was refreshing. To see the full build process you can watch the video below.

Final Thoughts

combat crate build internalsAMD did a great job with their new Combat Crates. Unlike most bundles, you will actually save money. I was able to build an entire VR ready system for less than $900. These components make a great mid level gaming machine that can easily be updated in the future.


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