Home Theater

Setup Tour: Computer Desk & Home Theater

If you watch the channel or read reviews on the site regularly, you have undoubtedly seen pieces of my setup in the background. Readers...
fanless skylake pc

Passively Cooled i7-6700 Skylake System

There are tons of Skylake systems available these days, but not many that feature passive cooling and a small form factor. Lini PC offers...
Logic Supply CL100

Logic Supply CL100 Review

There are quite a few NUC style compact low powered systems on the market these days. Logic supply has set itself apart by creating...
supernight rgb led light strip kit

January 2016 Giveaway – LED Light Kit (closed)

Welcome To The First Official Tek Everything Giveaway! Welcome to the first Tek Everything giveaway.  The Giveaway for this month is the Supernight RGB LED...
chromecast review 2015

Chromecast Review: 2nd Gen (2015)

Google has released their second Chromecast.  If you have any interest in streaming from your smartphone, PC, or tablet this might be the device...
LED Light Strips

Supernight LED Light Kit Review & Demo

LEDs kits are all over Amazon these days.  The Supernight LED Light Kit is one of the cheapest and highly rated out there.  It...
banana plugs

What Are Banana Plugs and How Do You Use Them?

Banana plugs seem to confuse a lot of people.  Once you know what they are, and how they work, they are fairly simple devices. ...
home theater speakers

Home Theater Basics – Part 3 – Speakers

Which Speaker Components Do What? Speakers are a huge part of creating an immersive Home Theater experience. When everything is set up properly your speakers...
home theater displays

Home Theater Basics – Part 2 – TVs and Projectors

Home Theater Display Types Depending on whom you ask you will get varying responses on what the most important part of a home theater is....
home theater basics

Home Theater Basics – Part 1

Choosing The Proper Home Theater Gear I love getting new Home Theatre equipment. I have had it all, from bargain bin to high end gear. ...