USB-C Accessories for Laptop Power Users


USB-C laptops are taking over. From budget to high end models, new laptops are taking advantage of the USB type C protocol. I assembled a strong collection of accessories that I think will help any power user maximize their mobile productivity.

For more detail check out the full video below. I would also check back here occasionally as I will be updating this article with any new accessories that I pick up or test out.

UGreen HDMI Adapter with Power Delivery

ugreen usb-c hdmi adapterYou will undoubtedly need a dongle to handle display out. I chose this UGreen 4K/60Hz adapter for one reason. It also offers power delivery. You can get up to around 60W of power from your USB-C charger without a drop to 4K/30Hz like most hubs. This adapter also looks really good, matching most Macbook or Surface line laptops.

Cable Matters USB-C Hub

cable matters usb-c dockChoosing the right dock or hub can go a long way towards enhancing your setup. I chose this model from Cable Matters because it offers full 100W power delivery while the other ports are in use. I have yet to find another non-Thunderbolt hub that can do this. For power users this means you can connect your laptop to this hub, and get full power while pushing your system.

90 Degree USB-C Adapter

usb-c angled adapterUSB Type C devices tend to have straight cables. Straight cables stick directly out from the side of your laptop, which looks bad and can be in the way depending on which hand you use for your mouse. These 90-degree adapters allow you to rout your USB-C cables along the body line of your laptop so they are out of the way.

Aluminum M.2 SSD External Enclosure

external m.2 exclosureIf you need fast portable storage, this M.2 SSD enclosure will let you create your own mini drive. While it doesn’t accept NVMe drives, it will give you close to desktop SATA SSD speeds. It looks amazing in my opinion, has no branding, and comes in 3 colors.

I included a link to the Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD that I’m currently using in my enclosure. It’s a great stable, and fast drive that comes in 250GB to 2TB sizes.

Insignia 90W USB-C Charger

insignia 90w usb-c chargerA true mobile warrior will undoubtedly want a travel charger. Insignia makes a really affordable 90W USB-C charger. It is light, compact, and delivers over 90W (up to around 97W) in my testing. If you are looking for an affordable charger to throw in your bag this is a great option. You can also pick it up from Best Buy here.

Asus 15.6″ Portable USB-C Monitor

asus usb-c portable monitor
Power users will definitely want more screen space than a single laptop display provides. Asus made an amazing 15.6-inch USB-C monitor that is sure to boost the productivity of any mobile warrior. It offer a very accurate display, with decent brightness. Most importantly, it is powered entirely by a single USB-C cable.

If you have any suggestions that you think should be added to the list, or accessories you want me to test, leave them in the comments below.


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