In a crowded field of budget Bluetooth headphones, the Ausdom M08's stand out by offering solid build quality and good sound.








Ausdom M08 Bluetooth HeadphonesFrom $34.99

It seems like there are a million Bluetooth headphones on the market these days. Ausdom is trying to stand out in this market by offering an affordable Over Ear headphone with there M08.

In the box you will receive the headphones, manual, and micro USB charging cable. There is no power brick included with so you will need to provide your own on use a computer.

Build Quality

ausdom m08 unboxingWhen you hear about headphones in the $40 price range, you usually expect them to have fairly poor build quality. Ausdom didn’t get this memo, as the M08’s feel solid and durable in the hand. The only part of the headphones that feels even remotely cheap are are the ear cup shells, where a cheaper plastic was used.

The Ausdom M08’s feature soft touch leatherette ear cups that are really comfortable.  They offer ample cushion for your ears and do a good job with passive noise cancellation.

The silver metal band that connects the ear cups to the plastic headband was also a surprising touch. You generally don’t find metal pieces on budget headphones.

Buttons and Connectors

ausdom m08 buttons connectorsOn the bottom of the right ear cup, the M08’s have three buttons. Power, Plus, and Minus. All three buttons double and sometimes triple in functionality. The power button is also the play/pause/answer call,and pairing button. While the plus and minus buttons control volume as well as track forward and back. There is also a 3.5mm jack if you would like to use that instead of the bluetooth connection.

I wasn’t a fan of the three button control setup, as there is plenty of space for more buttons on the other ear cup. As you see in the picture the left cup only has the microphone for voice calls, and micro usb charging port.  I hope Ausdo comes out with an updated model that has separate controls.

Sound Quality

The sound is what matters most when picking headphones. The M08’s offer a bass heavy sound out of the box.  If you love bass, these will be perfect for you. However if you are like me, and enjoy a more neutral sound then you will want to use an equalizer to drop the bass levels down a bit.

After dialing in the sound I found the headphones to be really enjoyable. The sound stage isn’t very wide, but they offer really good sound quality for the price.

Battery Life

The Ausdom M08’s are advertised as having 20 hour batter life, and 250 hour standby time. I was skeptical about those battery figures, but after using the M08’s as my work headphones for 2 weeks and not having to charge them once I would say those claims are accurate.

More Info
For more info on the Ausdom M08 Bluetooth Headphones check out the video review above.


  1. Hi there, I hope my message finds you well,

    I been using this ausdom M08 headphones for about 2 years I think, its the most amazing budget / light headphones ever.

    However, now the ear cushions or ear pads start to wear off and looks really bad.
    Where can I find a replacement for it?
    Or I just want to know the size of the ear cushions / pads.
    Looking forward to hear from you and thank you.
    Best regards


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