Simple Rules

  • Your PC must use a motherboard no larger than mATX
  • Your PC should use an efficient case that wastes very little space
  • Mini-ITX systems will be favored over mATX systems (the smaller the better)
  • I will accept video if you have short clips but photos are preferable

How Do You Submit?

  • Take 5-10 high quality photos of your small form factor PC
  • Create a list of all your internal components
  • Create list of any social media or gaming accounts you want shared
  • Write a quick synopsis of your system detailing how you use it, and why you built it
  • Email all of this info to

Thats it! I want to make this an ongoing series and will be looking to feature 5 or 6 PC’s per episode. There is no submission deadline or anything for this series. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here on this page, or on YouTube.

Watch Episode One Here



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