Pico PSU's are awesome for powering small, or low powered systems. They allow you to use a much smaller case then would normally be possible with a tradition PSU.








Pico 160-XT PSUFrom $44.50

Pico PSU 160XT

Powering a small form factor system can be tough when you are trying to save the maximum amount of space.  In steps the Pico PSU, which takes up no more space than an ATX cable.

Pico PSU’s are manufactured by a company called Mini-box.  They are produced in a wide range of wattage’s, from 80W-160W.  The 160xt in the video above is the most powerful version, coming in at 160W (200W Peak).  You may not need that much juice, which would allow you to buy a lower watt, less expensive model.

Each Pico PSU must be paired with an External Power Brick.  Make sure you buy a power brick that provides enough power for your components.

pico 160 xt psu

Set Up

Setting up the PSU is easy.  Your motherboard and peripheral cables snap into there respective slots. An additional peripheral cable can be purchased for around $3.

Connecting the Pico to your motherboard is no different than a standard power supply.  Plug the unit into your 24 pin ATX port, then connect the motherboard power cable.  You may need a 4 to 8 pin adapter for some motherboards.

The unit used in the video is 200W (192W actually).  Power bricks are available in a wide range sizes and wattages. Depending on which model you get, it will come with either a 4 pin Mini Fit adapter or standard circular power plug.

Connecting your power brick to the PSU is simple, just attach the proper connector, then plug in your power brick.  You will be able to use two peripherals out of the box. I generally use splitters to get the desired amount of ports. You will most likely have to buy the optional cable if you have a lot of peripherals.

Learn More

Check out the video above to see and learn more about Pico PSU’s.  You can also follow the links below if you want to purchase a Pico PSU or kit with power brick.

Buy Directly From Mini-box

Pico PSUs:
Power Bricks:



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