modded nintendo pc finishedmodded nintendo pc finished
modded nintendo pc motherboardmodded nintendo pc motherboard
modded nintendo pc at anglemodded nintendo pc at angle
modded nintendo pc interiormodded nintendo pc interior
modded nintendo pcmodded nintendo pc

Francois’s Modified Nintendo

CaseOriginal Nintendo Entertainment System
MotherBoardIEI KINO-QM670
CPUIntel mobile i5-2510E
Video CardEVGA GTX 750 ti sc 2gb
PSUTRUMPower 12V 120W power brick
Hard DrivesWD 500GB 7200 rpm 2.5″

Builders Take

Your channel is really awesome and it really inspired me for this project I had. It pushed me to build my first pc using an old NES case and a small server motherboard I found on kijiji (like craigslist here in Montreal). It’s still work in progress and it’s far from perfect but here’s how I did it:

Build steps:

  • Disassemble an old NES and cut the unneeded plastic parts with a dremel so that the mobo and gpu can fit.
  • Solder mobo screws to the upper part of the case using cut out plastic
  • Screw the mobo and use a pcie riser bought cheap on ebay and fold in a way to locate the stripped down gpu on top of the mobo and screw it to a plastic stabilizer
  • Run all the wires through one of the under channels already molded in the lower part of the case for a cleaner look (but less practical if you change your peripherals often, which I don’t)

I still have to make vents since cpu temp goes in the 70 Cs while gaming (it’s in the 60s when the case is open) and I’m waiting for USB splitters to put in the front facing controller plug holes. Also my wifi/bluetooth mini pcie card works half the time so I’m waiting for a new one to ship with antennas from amazon.
I’m a student so I mostly use my laptop fork work and this pc for Dolphin emulator, Steam and Blizzard games on a Toshiba 720p 32 inch flat screen TV.

Steam Gamer Tag: Fradza


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