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Heinz’s Brief Case PC

CaseSteel Toolbox
MotherBoardGigabyte GA-B85N-WIFI
CPUIntel Core i3-4330
RAM8GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Low Profile DDR3-1600
Video Card GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Hard Drives2 x Crucial M500 240GB SSD (One m-sata and one 2.5″)
1 x 2.5″ WD Blue 320GB HDD

Builders Take

How do I use it?: This is my main, one and only PC. I use it for everything, though I mainly use it for programming a homemade game and multimedia engine I’m inventing so most of the time it is idling in Notepad but when I have to test my programs or do light gaming then I have to plug a “tumorous Geforce GTX 750 Ti” to run into a D3D/Vulkan runtime. Currently the project is missing a few details and I’m also working on a mod to accept half-height VGA adapters.

Why did I built it?: I tend to move frequently from place to place, internationally speaking. I’m not a good friend with current laptop technology and needed a desktop class computer with me all the time. This project gave me all the power I needed packed all in one small and sealed case: Every component is internal, there are no connectors exposed through holes except for the power socket in the back. I catch attention of airport’s officials so when traveling I stick papers to it explaining what it is. It has been tried to be stolen once in a South American airport by an employee (everyone wants one of these, right?).

Project Build Log:


  1. Hey, interesting build!
    Can you describe more the rizer card setup you used?
    Also, how does your girl know you’re home via vr?? 🙂

    • Hahahaha it was more that i am always upstairs and not with her, so nou i am with her and do my own stuff… win in thought.

      as for the rizer it’s just a 5o mm one and i bent it a little so it would fit .

  2. Hey, checking in again to this neat channel/website. Hope you continue this show and tell series!
    I have my eye on the HP chromebox g2, I like the look of the chassis and their service manual with disassembly guide allows for ok upgrade potential. It has an easy to reach pci-e slot which is taken up by the wifi card, but would make a good riser egpu port for a build like Mike’s (GPU mounted outside).
    Looking forward to seeing more interesting builds from the community!

    • Scratch that.
      Asus Vivomini UN series (and MSI Cubi series) barebones have an msata AND a pcie m.2 slot for “flexible storage” options. Sounds easy to hijack the pcix4 slot for an egpu, while keeping an ssd on the msata. SFF egpu gold!
      Will report back if you’re interested.


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