ammo box pc openammo box pc open
ammo box pc frame cutoutammo box pc frame cutout
ammo box pc motherboardammo box pc motherboard
ammo box pc motherboard and gpuammo box pc motherboard and gpu
ammo box pc internal backammo box pc internal back
ammo box pc internalsammo box pc internals
ammo box pc frame in caseammo box pc frame in case
ammo box pc bottom fansammo box pc bottom fans
ammo box pc bottomammo box pc bottom
ammo box pcammo box pc

Edwards Ammo Box PC

CaseCustom Ammo Box
MotherBoardAsus H97i-plus
CPUIntel Core i5-4590
RAMCorsair Vengeance pro 2x8gb
Video CardGigabyte GTX 970
PSUBequiet SFX Power 2 400w
Hard DrivesCorsair 240gb Neutron SSD
CPU CoolerNoctua NH-D9L

Builders Take

Here is my pc I built a year ago, this is the first pc I ever built as well as the first case I had ever built. These were the pics I was taking whilst I was building it. I built this to be a portable gaming rig that had all the I/O at the top for ease of changing cables in and out. I also wanted the GPU to have its own in-take vent as well air to be encouraged to pass through the system in a positive pressure environment rather than circulate. The Ram was later upgraded as it hadn’t turned before I got the itch to start the build.


  1. Hey, interesting build!
    Can you describe more the rizer card setup you used?
    Also, how does your girl know you’re home via vr?? 🙂

    • Hahahaha it was more that i am always upstairs and not with her, so nou i am with her and do my own stuff… win in thought.

      as for the rizer it’s just a 5o mm one and i bent it a little so it would fit .


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