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spiderman homecoming trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Roundup

The latest installment of Spider-Man is set to be released on 7-7-17. This time with the addition of some other characters in the marvel...
transformers the last night trailers

Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Roundup

Transformers The Last Knight, is set to be released this June. This being the fourth transformers movie, Michael Bay is looking to turn up...
alien covenant trailer 1

Alien: Covenant Official Trailer #1

The latest installment in the Alien franchise has just released it's first trailer. Directed by Ridley Scott, "Alien: Covenant" is the sequel to Prometheus...

The Mummy Official Trailer #1

Tom Cruise is the star of the latest Mummy remake. This new series reboot looks to have a more serious tone than the movies...
the belko experiment trailer

The Belko Experiment – Official Trailer #1

The Belko experiment seems to be a survival horror movie along the lines of the purge. A star studded cast tries to navigate there...
ghost in the shell trailer 1

Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer #1

The legendary anime 'Ghost in the Shell' has finally gotten a live action movie.  Starring Scarlet Johansson it appears to tell the same story...
wolverine logan trailer 1

Wolverine 3: Logan Official Trailer #1

Marvel has had an interesting past with Wolverine movies. For one of the the most beloved comic characters of all time, they certainly seem...
rogue one star wars trailers

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Roundup

The Star Wars universe is much larger than the average fan of the movies probably realizes.  With Disney acquiring the rights to the franchise...
underworld blood wars trailer 2

Underworld: Blood Wars Official Trailer #2

The underworld series continues. Kate Beckinsale is back as Seline. Look out for more vampire vs. werewolf action early in 2017.
dr strange trailer

Doctor Strange Official Trailer #1

Marvel looks to continue its assault on the box office with its latest comic to big screen adaption. Judging by the trailer this...