TLDR: The HDPlex 300 is a great option for small form factor builders. It represents the next step up from a Pico PSU. If you can afford it, get one.








HDPlex 300 DC-ATX PSUFrom $85.00

HP 230W Power BrickFrom $33.00

Dell 240W Power BrickFrom $94.89

Dell 330W Power BrickFrom $119.99

As a small form factor PC builder I am always searching for compact power supplies. The HDPlex 300 looks to be the answer for builders looking to maximize the amount of power they can get out of there compact PC.

The fully modular HDPlex 300 is a great option for people looking to power tiny PC’s that need more juice than a Pico PSU can provide.

HDPlex 300W Features and Specs

The HDPlex 300W is completely modular, down to the DC input jack. It comes with all the cables you need to run a full system (minus the power brick).

Watt Rating300W with 400W Peak
Dimension150mm X 51.5mm X 25mm
24PIN ATX1 (20cm)
8PIN-4+4PIN (45cm)1 (45cm)
6PIN+1x6PIN+2PIN1 (40cm)
4PIN-3xSATA Power+1xMolex1 (40cm)
7.4mm x 5.0mm DC Jack1 (45cm)

hdplex 300 wired

HDPlex 300 vs. HDPlex 250

The new HDPlex 300 replaces the older HDPlex 250, and is the bigger brother of the HDPlex 160W. The major changes are the rated watt increase to 300W-400W peak load. As well as the capacitors being beefed up to handle the higher loads.

The board layout has also been modified to fit better with the layout of the NFC S4 Mini. The 24-pin ATX connector was moved to a position that now runs parallel with your motherboard. This move makes it much easier to build compact systems.

Setup & Installation

Setup is simple. You need to affix your unit to the side panel of your case, or wherever works best for your install. You can use double sided tape, Velcro, or screws with the four mounting holes.

hdplex 300 in logic supply mc600

Here is the the power supply installed in a Logic Supply MC600. This model has been optimized for fitment with these types of slim cases, specifically the NFC Systems S4 Mini.

Power Brick Compatibility

You will need to pair the HDPlex 300 with a power brick. The great thing about these DC Units is that they can take standard 19V laptop chargers.

There are tons of options to choose from, many of which you can find on Amazon. The most popular units at the moment are the 240W and 330W Dell power bricks, which are linked above.

hp 230w 19v power brick

Make sure you get a power brick that outputs enough wattage for your components. Stressing the brick just adds wear and tear the and shortens there lifespan.

You can use whatever brick you want as long as it outputs between 16-24V. You also need to make sure your brick has a traditional barrel style 7.5x5mm connector. I went with an affordable HP 230W brick for my modest S4 Mini build.

hdplex 300 barrell connector

More Information
For more information you can watch the video overview above.



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