Marvel is back at it again. Tonight they released the first trailer for the Black Panther movie… and my god does it look good!

The Black Panther character was introduced to us in Captain America: Civil War. Now we are getting a stand alone Black Panther movie.

The Black Panther takes place in the technologically advanced land of Wakanda set deep in the jungles of Africa. Starring Chadwick Bosman, Marvel’s first black super hero is set to take center stage. If the trailer is any indication, this might be one of the best movies to come out of the Marvel universe.

Official Trailer

Black Panther Trailer #1

Featuring what seems like every major black actor but Will Smith, the film will be directed by Ryan Coogler. So far it seems to be coming together nicely, especially when you compare it to some of DC’s latest offerings.

Let me know what you think in the comments, will you go see the Black Panther?


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