The only reason you would buy these is the price. They lack any standout features and have less bass than a smart phone speaker. However at $19.99 they are a good value








Syllable Bluetooth Sport HeadphoneFrom $19.99

Bluetooth headphones have been around for years. However until fairly recently they were mostly bulky on ear or over the year designs. Within the last couple of years we have started to see compact Bluetooth earbuds. Since apple decided to remove the headphone jack on the the iPhone 7 we should see more and more options in the future.

syllable bluetooth headphones reviewSyllable isn’t a household name, and they are not trying to become one with these Bluetooth Sport headphones.  This product is targeted towards the workout warrior or athlete on a budget.

The gorgeous packaging would lead you to believe that there was a much more expensive product inside.


The left side of the packaging shows you some of the basic features of the headphones.

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 4 Hour Talk/Music Playback Time
  • 90 Hour Standby Time
  • 10m range
  • Lightweight Design
  • Sweat proof Construction

syllable d700 packaging

Inside the box you will find the headphones, 3 ear nubs, and instruction manual, and a flat USB.  The D700’s come with a nice collection of accessories for a budget product.

Build Quality

The headphones have a solid feeling, lightweight, plastic construction.  They are covered mostly in a rubberized coating.  I found the black and grey version I got to be very attractive. The D700’s fit snugly around my ears, and didn’t move around while I was running or working out.

The headphones have a premium feel to them.  If you looked only at the packaging and build quality, you would probably think the D700’s cost over $100.

syllable d700 headphone fitment

Sound Quality

The sound quality is where Syllable seems to have dropped the ball a little.  The headphones have absolutely no bass whatsoever. The mid/high tones are solid.  The Highs don’t appear to be rolled off, and the sound remained clear through a variety of music.  The lack of bass will definitely be an issue for some people.  I found that the overall sound quality was acceptable while working out, but unacceptable for daily listening duties.

Learn More
You can learn more about the Syllable D700 Sport Headphones in the video above. Or you can follow the link above to pick up a pair for yourself.


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