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Sliger SM570 Mini-ITX Case$259

SM570 Specifications

Motherboard SupportMini-ITX
Fan Mounts4 x 120mm
Dimensions357 x 135 x 287mm
Max CPU Cooler Height55mm
Max GPU Length328mm
HD SupportUp to 6 x 2.5″
Up to 2 x 3.5″
AIO Support240mm

Design & Build Quality

sliger sm570 caseDesign wise Sliger has done a great job with the SM570. It features sleek lines and is attractive from all angles. Like their other cases, you can buy this model in 3 colors (black, slate grey, white), and with 3 panel options (solid, vented, windowed). I opted for one vented, and one windowed panel.

The Aluminum front rear and side panels are attached with very secure push pins to the steel internal frame. This is one of the most solidly built cases I have ever seen. It feels like a tank while weighing in at less than 6lbs.

Sliger also sells optional handles which can be attached to the top of this case.

sm570 size comparisonCompared to other premium ITX cases the SM570 is both thinner and taller. This cases was designed to be used with 240mm AIO liquid coolers. There is more vertical space than your average ITX case, which allows you to fit your cooler, and 2 additional 120mm fans on the bottom of the case. The extra vertical space is a major boon for airflow (more on that later).

Internal Layout

sm570 build processThe SM570 utilizes what is now a traditional layout for slim Mini-ITX cases. The right side is where you will find your motherboard bay, along with a mounting bracket for an SFX or SFX-L power supply. The backside is where your GPU sits, and nothing else


CPU Cooler HeightUp to 55mm
GPU LengthDual Slot: Up to 338mm Long
Radiator SupportUp to 240mm w/ 120mm x 25mm Fans

SM570 Build Process

sm570 full buildBuilding in this case wasn’t especially difficult. The well thought out internal layout, and routing slots for every cable simplified things quite a bit. To see the full build process, check out the video review above.


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