Royole first caught my attention with their foldable OLED phone not too long ago. They cause a huge commotion at this years CES by displaying the phone to the public, even allowing people to get some hands on time.

While not quite ready for prime time, this is a great concept that will lead to some awesome flexible devices in the future. I was surprised to see that in addition to the phone that had other bendable devices too.

curved oled car dashboardThis was a concept panel for the dashboard of a car. I could definitely see something like this making its way into luxury vehicles in the future.

oled purseRoyole also had purse with a curved OLED built into the top. I’m not sure why anyone would want this… but hey it looked cool.

oled hatThis OLED hat also had a matching shirt to go along with it. Again, not super useful but very cool and forward thinking.

While none of their products will be household items anytime soon, they point to an interesting future for phones and wearables.


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