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i7-8700 mini-itx build desk setup

Phanteks Evolv Shift i7-8700 Mini-itx Build

Over the last year I have jumped back and fourth between Intel and AMD based systems. With the release of the new Coffee Lake...
razer atheris mouse review

Razer Atheris Wireless Mobile Mouse Review

Theses days we have what seems like endless options when it comes to gaming mice. Finding a good portable wireless gaming mouse that can...
lazer3D LZ7 review

Lazer3D LZ7 Mini-ITX Case Review

You probably have never heard of Lazer3D. The small company isn't a household name yet, but they have already produced some beastly compact mini-itx...
msi gtx 1070 aero itx review

MSI GTX 1070 Aero ITX Review

There are a lot of good options if you are looking for a compact GPU these days. MSI is trying to shake up the...
short mini-itx wifi antennas

Mini WiFi Antennas for Your SFF PC Build

Building a compact system has can create compromises. One of the issues I have always had is that my WiFi antennas were always sticking...
noctua nh-l9i vs. nh-l9a showdown

Noctua NH-L9i vs. NH-L9a: Comparison & Temperatures

For years, Noctua has been producing excellent CPU coolers and case fans. The Noctua NH-L9i has been the most popular low profile cooler on...
intel i7-7700 vs ryzen 7 1700

Intel Core i7-7700 vs. Ryzen 7 1700 Benchmarks

The CPU market is stuffed full of amazing processors theses days. There are multiple options that can handle any workload from both Intel and...
asrock ab350 mini-itx motherboard review

Asrock AB350 Fatality Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Ryzen is starting to mature as a platform, and with that maturation comes more mini-itx motherboards. I used the Biostar X370GTN in my first...
corsair 2400 vs 3000 ryzen ram test

Ryzen RAM Performance Test: 2400MHz vs. 3000MHz

The Ryzen platform is still very young. We are seeing improvements on a regular basis. As board partners and AMD iron out any existing...
mini-itx ryzen build components

Ryzen 7 S4 Mini Build Upgrades & Benchmarks

The launch of the Ryzen platform has been interesting so far. AMD hasn't exactly taken the crown from Intel, but they have given consumers...