Over the years there have been many test benches and open air cases, but not many for mini-itx systems. The few compact test benches we did get were either not robust, or way too expensive.

I was browsing around online when I stumbled upon a seemingly fully featured open air ITX case that only cost $39.99. Admittedly I wasn’t expecting much from this mystery Chinese manufacturer but I dove in and made the purchase anyway.

Parts & Assembly

itx open air case partsAs expected the case only comes with a handful of parts. The main frame is made from the same aluminum extrusion bars used by 3D printers. While this certainly isn’t the most premium option, it does give the bench a solid metal support frame.

You also get a bag with various nuts, screws, and connectors. There are 4 feet, 2 GPU posts, and an acrylic power supply bracket. The only odd inclusion would be the white gloves. I suppose they could be anti static, but I doubt it.

mini-itx test bench assemblyAssembly of the case frame is simple enough. If you have built Ikea furniture, or played with Legos in the past you should be ok. Each metal bar is connected by an L-bracket. All the connectors are metal except for one piece on the bottom, and the GPU mount brackets. For more info on the assembly process check out the video above.

Final Thoughts

affordable mini-itx open air caseAfter years, my search for a quality, affordable Mini-ITX test bench is over. This case far exceeded my expectations with its decent build quality and flexibility. If you have been looking for a compact test bench or open air case, and don’t have a huge budget, give this a go.


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