If you are in the market for a low profile single slot GPU. The Quadro K1200 is great for light gaming, or workstation applications that take advantage of the Quadro drivers.








Nvidia Quadro K1200From $279.19

Nvidia’s Quadro line has been around for years.  Quadro cards are designed for professional applications like CAD and 3D modeling where accuracy is important.  They are usually based on the same components as Nvidia’s consumer line, with some minor tweaks.  The price premium they command comes from the drivers, customer support, and extended warranty that comes with a each Quadro card.

PNY Nvidia Quadro K1200

The Quadro K1200 is the latest addition to Nvidia’s lineup.  It is a mid range card that strikes a nice balance between price and performance.  Check out the video review and the write up below.

Quadro K1200 Specs:

CUDA Cores512
GPU CLock/Boost1058MHz – 1124MHz
Memory Interface128-bit
Memory Bandwidth80GB/s
System InterfacePCI Express 2.0 x 16
Display Connectors4 mini-DisplayPort 1.2
Warranty3 Years


You can expect performance numbers similar to a GTX 750.  The biggest difference between the 750 and K1200 is that the K1200 has 4GB of GDDR5 memory.  This is not something that is commonly found on mid and lower tier cards.

The 4GB of RAM is very important for 3D applications, rendering, editing 4K video files, driving multiple hi-res displays, and even gaming in some instances.  Depending on your needs this could be a huge advantage.

quadro k1200 review

Size and TDP

The Quadro K1200 was designed to fit in smaller workstation computers, which is why it is a single slot/low profile card.  It’s small size allows it to fit in some truly tiny small form factor systems.  The card also has a TDP of 45w which allows it to be powered by the PCI-e bus only.  This is a huge plus for small form factor system builders, and professionals with small workstations.


I ran some 3D benchmarks so you could get an idea about the type of performance you should expect.  While it is not a great performer, it is important to remember the intended purpose of this card is not gaming.

quadro k1200 passmark

quadro k1200 3d mark

quadro k1200 gaming benchmarks


There market for a card like this is very small, however I am glad Nvidia saw fit to make it.  For small form factor builders or professionals that don’t need the power of a top end monster GPU, this is the perfect card.  It has a decent amount of power, and enough RAM for 4K duty.  It is whisper quiet and comes with a 3 year warranty.  Follow the link below if you want to purchase one.

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