There are not a lot of cases that are both ultra compact, and offer dual slot GPU support. The MC600 offers both as long as you are willing to run mid level parts.








Logic Supply MC600 - Orange/SilverFrom $100

Logic Supply MC600 - BlackFrom $100

Recently I took a look at the Logic Supply MC600, which is one of the most interesting Mini-ITX cases on the market.  The case is manufactured by a Logic Supply, a company who specializes in industrial PC’s and cases.  I was pleasantly surprised to see something like this from them.  The MC600 comes in orange/silver, or black.  I normally lean toward simple black color schemes, but the orange and silver model grew on me over time.

It might be a little difficult to imagine exactly how small this case is without seeing it in person.  Not a millimeter of space was wasted.  The Mc600 comes in at a tiny 13.1″ x 2.5″ x 7.8″, making it the smallest case with full height/dual slot gpu support that I am aware of.

logic supply mc600 review

Build Quality

The MC600 is made entirely of fairly thin but sturdy steel.  I never got the feeling that the case was unstable.  The scratch resistant paint coating feels good to the touch, and has the rugged feel you would expect from an industrial product.

Unlike most consumer cases, the interior of this case is bare metal.  If this was a windowed model that would bother me, but this is a closed design.  As to be expected from an industrial case, some of the interior edges were sharper then you may be used to.  Just be careful when installing you components.

Case Specifications

Front I/O2x USB ports
Power Button
Rear Port Punchouts2 Serial
5 Antenna holes
DC Jack
Mounting OptionsDIN-mount
Dimensions334 x 64 x 198 mm
13.1 x 2.5 x 7.8″

MC600 System Build

Building a system in the MC600 is extremely straight forward and simple to build in.  I would definitely recommended removing the front panel.  Then install your components  (see video for demo).  Depending on the size of your GPU, it may or may not interfere with the fan bracket.  I would recommend flipping the bracket around to maximize space.

I managed to fit an EVGA GTX 950 mini in the case with no problem.  There is space for GPU’s up to around 7.75″.  You will definitely need to utilize at least one fan on the GPU side.  I also added dual 40mm fans on the CPU side to increase airflow.  Heat was not a major issue in me testing. You can check out my full impressions in the video below.

Build Part List

Intel Core i7-4790SFrom $289.00

EVGA GTX 950From $139.99

Noctua NH-L9iFrom $39.95

Samsung 850 EVO M.2From $69.94

Samsung 850 EVO SATAFrom $73.49

Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB OCFrom $184.99

16GB EVGA DDR3 RAMFrom $80.00

Asus H97I-PLUS MotherboardFrom $99.00

Pico 160-XT PSUFrom $44.50

192W Power BrickFrom $49.95


  1. Since the S4 Mini by NFC is hard to order I was wondering if the Logic Supply MC600 case would be efficient with a 65 watt cpu like the i7 7700 or the Ryzen 1700. Using it with light gaming and video encoding.

    • It could, but cooling CPU’s like that without modding the case would be problematic. Adding a simple cutout and vent over the CPU would make a ton of difference.

      Without mods I would stick to low powered CPU’s.


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