We All Need a Place for Our Phone

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days.  A lot of those same people also have cars. So how do you keep your phone in view while driving?  There are millions of phone mounts, brackets, suction cups, pads, and holsters on the market.  Personally I have had very little success with these types of devices.  This is definitely the first in-car smartphone mounting solution that I can comfortably recommend.

Quality and Security

The problem with many other mounting solutions is that they simply are not secure. That is really what sets the Airframe apart from the competition. The mounting feet are very hard to move and bend (in a good way), and the grip on your phone is strong.

While driving around with the Airframe holding my iPhone 6 I have not had it fall once, even with my abnormal vents. Check out the video below to see it in action.

kenu airframe review


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