There are what seems like a million different models and versions of each GPU. Galax is trying to separate themselves from the army of black and red GPU’s with the GTX 1060 EXOC White.

These days, GPU performance is generally extremely close across all manufacturers. The card you choose may come down to aesthetics. That is why the Galax EXOC series or Extreme Overclock, in white makes perfect sense. Everyone isn’t looking to build a cookie cutter system in a black box.

galax gtx 1060 exoc white packaging

Galax GTX 1060 3GB EXOC White

Galax does most of their business overseas, but they do have a US store now so you can get their cards and components in the states. I like a lot of their GPU designs, so I am hoping they grow their presence in the US.

The GTX 1060 3GB has been around for a good while now. It’s a slightly cut down and cheaper version of the 6GB 1060. This model looks to separate itself from all the others by offering more features than its competition, at the same price.


CORE CLOCKBase: 1556 MHz
Boost: 1771 MHz
Memory Clock8 GHz
PORTS1 x DisplayPort
1 x HDMI
2 x DL-DVI
DIMENSIONS251mm x 139.1mm x 41.5mm
COOLING2 x 90mm fans
Aluminum Heat Sink

galax gtx 1060 exoc white front

Features & Design

One of the first things you will notice about this card is the all white plastic shroud and fans. You don’t see a ton of GPU’s that aren’t either black or red these days. So it is always refreshing to see something different.

I think the 1060 EXOC is a sexy card. It certainly won’t be for everyone but that’s ok.

galax gtx 1060 exoc white top
The Galax 1060 EXOC is cooled by dual 90mm fans and an aluminum heat sink. The card uses three heat pipes to dissipate heat evenly across the full length cooler.

When your system is powered up, you will notice that there are three ice blue LED’s under each fan. The semi transparent frosted white fan blades let some of the light through creating a nice glow effect. It’s a subtle but nice touch.

galax gtx 1060 exoc white backplate
The standout feature this card offers is it’s back plate. Nowadays it seems like only GTX 1080’s come with backplates. To see one on a 1060 3GB was both shocking and puzzling. Don’t get me wrong I fully embrace the inclusion and wish more manufacturers would do this. The all white aluminum back plate really ties the storm trooper of look card together. The design will really come in handy if you pick up a case with a tempered glass or clear acrylic side panel.

Learn More

You can learn more information about the Galax 1060 EXOC White in the video below. I will also be including the card in an upcoming build, so look out for that soon.


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