Creative Arts & Design Courses


There have always been a lot of ways to express your creativity.  With the rise of digital content and media there are now even more. Taking an Art & Design Course could get you started on the path to the career you have always wanted.

Video Game Design

game design

If you love video games, taking a course in Video game design is something you might want to strongly consider.  You will learn a variety of skills, including Game Design, Scripting, Graphics and more.

Video Game Design Career Info

Graphic Design/Multimedia

graphic design and multimedia

Graphic designers create graphics and media campaigns using computer software. They often play a major role in product design, and marketing. If you like to draw, and want to take your skills to the next this could be the course for you.

Graphic Design Career Info

Film, Music & Audio

film music and audio

Film and Audio production can be an incredibly exciting career. If you like working in a changeable environment with tons of different personality types this is the career for you.

Film, Music & Audio Career Info

Computer Aided Design

computer aided design

Computer Aided Design, or CAD as it is commonly referred is generally used to create 2D and 3D models, technical drawings, and precise product schematics.

Computer Aided Design Career Info

Web Design & Development

web design and development

Web Design and Development covers everything you need to learn how to build websites and web aps from start to finish. Web Development is a very stable and rewarding career.

Web Design & Development Career Info



Photography is a great way to express your creativity and get paid while you are doing it. You can start with the basics, and can quickly acquire the skills needed to become a professional.

Photography Career Info

Fashion & Interior Design

fashion and interior design

If you have every wanted to design your own clothing line, or just have a general knack for staging furniture. This could be a great way…

Fashion & Interior Design Career Info

Computer Animation

computer animation

An animation course can lead to many exciting career opportunities. It could be the starting point of a career as a cartoonist or comic book artist.

Computer Animation Career Info