IT & Computer Science Courses

it and computer science

IT and Computer Science are the backbone of modern computing. Training in these fields can lead to careers in ranging from Software Developer, to Security Analyst. They also offer the highest median salary of all the technical careers.

Computer Science

computer science course

Computer Scientists deal with complex computer based problems.  They generally apply their training towards developing algorithms, programs, and computational languages.  You will essentially learn how to talk to and work with computers…

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engineering courses

Engineers are use science, math and physics to design and build everything from toys to bridges.  While a computer Scientist works entirely in a PC environment, an engineers designs are often turn into physical products or structures.

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Programming & Software

programming and software developement

Programmers use various coding languages to create computer applications that can handle their desired tasks.  You will can learn how to program and develop those programs into commercial software to be used by the masses.

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IT & Information Systems

it information systems training

Information System professionals are in high demand.  With training in this field you could potentially fill multiple positions.  Including network engineer, network manager, help desk support tech, and more.

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Network Administration

network administration cours

A Network Administrators primary job is to maintain all of the hardware and software systems in their companies network.  You will usually be working with a team depending on the size…

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General IT & Computer Science

general it and computer science courses

A course in General IT & Computer Science will prepare you to work in a variety of technical fields.  It has a more general and theory based focus than a traditional theory or engineering program.

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Database Technology

database technology training

A database administrator will help companies find the best way to manage, store, and report their data.  Most modern websites and web services are database driven, this is a stable field with a average median salary over $80K.

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Basic Computer Skills

basic computer skills training

If you are new to using PCs, a course in basic computer skills could be just what the doctor ordered.  You will learn everything from basic computer vocabulary, to Power Point Presentations.

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