Mini WiFi Antennas for Your SFF PC Build

short wifi antennas
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Aesthetically these short mini-itx WiFi antennas are hard to beat. While they aren't the be all end all of performance, they get the job done for an affordable price.








Zigbee Mini WiFi AntennaFrom $5.99

Building a compact system has can create compromises. One of the issues I have always had is that my WiFi antennas were always sticking out of the back. Visually I was never a fan, and if really effected the portability of my builds.

After a while I decided to look for some mini wifi antennas. There are really no mainstream options available. I found these Zigbee Antenna after many hours of searching. Most of the units available simply will not fit, or are designed for a completely separate purpose.

Out of the box I was disappointed to find out that the gold gold pin was too wide to fit on my motherboards standard size antenna posts. I had to use a screwdriver to remove the pin all together. After I did this it fit with no issue.

I compared the speeds of the new small antennas with the standard size antenna that came with my motherboard using Google Speed Test, and

WiFi Antenna Speed Test (Mbps)

Standard AntennaMini Antenna Down67.447.1 Up12.1411.97
Google Down43.536.7
Google Up11.911.5

WiFi Test Setup

RouterAsus RT-N66u
Wireless CardIntel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260
Frequency2.4Ghz (5GHz disabled)
Distance35-40 Feet
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